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Grills and Accessories

Grilling is a time-honored tradition, and whether you consider yourself a professional griller, or just want to expand your culinary adventures, Ace Homeworks has the grill and set-up you need to become your own grill master. Not sure which one is best suited for your needs? Talk to one of our helpful associates, who will not only help you select a grill, but can recommend recipes and techniques for making that burger sizzle!


With 5 of the newest gas grills to choose from in stock, you're sure to find the perfect model, color and price for your needs. If we don't have the grill that fits your needs we can special order it. All grills are assembled with no charge to you! You can check for additional styles.


Our grilling accessories includes an immense selection of barbecue sauces, marinades and spices. We also have a wide selection of smoker chips, Weber parts and other great products for grilling.